Lotus JumpStart Diabetes Management Program

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Lotus Wellness and Health Management Program is a part vacation at the many wonderful resorts that Egypt has to offer and part motivation, education, and medical care to jumpstart your healthy balanced living. A 7 day program to transform your perspective on chronic diseases management, obesity, and positive lifestyle changes. Immerse yourself in a comfortable setting with a holistic approach to health management and wellness that includes access to our state-of-the-art digital health solutions, professional healthcare professionals, expert coaches and nutritionists, and educational sessions to help accelerate you towards your healthy balanced living goals.
The Circle The second program, Lotus Circle; a monthly one day group meeting with our healthcare team and guest speakers to review how we are following our care and wellness plans, share ideas among ourselves, and learn more from out guest speakers about the topics we chose, for example obesity and weight management.

Sometimes we feel alone when we are diagnosed with a chronic disease such as diabetes. Well, you are not alone, there are more than 400 million people living with diabetes. Joining the Lotus Circle can help you see the many resources available to you, and that you’re far from alone in your battle to manage diabetes. When you meet other people who have diabetes and share your common experiences in a diabetes support group, it can be comforting as well as educational. Encourage you family members to join too, they might be as confused and afraid.

Are you ready to experience a revolutionary program that combines the best of both worlds? Our unique program is designed to help you achieve optimal health and wellness by combining traditional wisdom and medicine from China, the Middle East, and the Indigenous People of Canada with modern medicine and the latest in digital health.
Our program is based on evidence-based holistic clinical and wellness methods, customized to meet each individual conditions through personalized medical care and wellness plans, developed by a team of experts and using our proprietary digital health solutions.

functional Making lifestyle changes can be challenging; this unique program provides a holistic approach to empower you with in-depth knowledge about diabetes, and motivations to kick-start your lifestyle changes through evidence-based fun approaches with the support of experts. The main objects of the program are:
  • Learning and motivation
  • Getting to know and bond with others with similar health conditions
  • Learning new tips and tricks for chronic diseases management
  • Developing medical care and lifestyle changes plans by professional care providers
  • Jump starting an activity program and lifestyle changes
  • Learning new ways to relax to decrease stress
  • Reduce or eliminate potential health complications
  • Possibility of continued support online once client return home

Our Upcoming Destination - El Gouna

El Gouna is also known for being Egypt's greenest city, being the most environmentally-friendly town in all of Egypt, built along the Red Sea shore and on small islands, is known for its lagoons, coral reefs and sandy beaches, in addition to its warm climate and free from air pollution; represents an ideal location to establish a Diabetes Wellness and Management Center in association with local medical services, wellness establishments, and businesses.

Red Coral Wellness and Retirement Resort

This program is offered by Red Coral Wellness and Retirement Resort. Read more about the resort
El Gouna


Our Digital Health Solution

Our Virtual Diabetes Center (VDC) is a cutting-edge digital health ecosystem designed to facilitate the management of diabetes and other chronic diseases. This proprietary platform serves as a collaborative space for healthcare providers, enabling seamless communication and information sharing.

One of the key features of the VDC is its ability to integrate patients’ self-management and lifestyle data with their current health conditions and historical medical records. By leveraging proprietary automated algorithms, the VDC organizes this wealth of information into easy-to-review visuals. These visuals provide healthcare team members with a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between patients’ lifestyle choices, their diabetes management, and the current prescribed treatment.

This holistic approach to chronic disease management is essential for achieving successful outcomes. By analyzing the data within the VDC, healthcare professionals can gain valuable insights into each patient’s unique circumstances. This empowers them to make informed decisions regarding treatment plans, lifestyle modifications, and ongoing care. The VDC represents a significant advancement in healthcare technology, offering an innovative solution for managing chronic diseases. Its user-friendly interface and powerful analytical capabilities make it an invaluable tool for healthcare providers seeking to optimize patient care and improve health outcomes.

Our Education and Motivation Program

To effectively manage diabetes or any other chronic disease, it is crucial to have well-informed patients who understand how their current lifestyle affects their health. Additionally, motivation to make the necessary lifestyle modifications is essential. Our comprehensive educational and motivational program is designed to address these needs.

The program commences with an engaging event that includes entertainment, healthy food, and activities. During this event, healthcare professionals and coaches share their knowledge about diabetes and their personal experiences managing chronic diseases. This serves as an opportunity for patients to gain valuable insights and inspiration.

The second step of our program involves a one-day class led by healthcare professionals. This class provides detailed information about diabetes, including strategies for managing the condition and preventing complications. Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively navigate life with diabetes. Finally, participants gain access to our education website, which serves as a valuable resource for continuous learning. The website provides a wealth of information about diabetes management and offers support for family members seeking to better understand the condition. By combining entertainment, education, and ongoing support, our program aims to empower individuals with the tools they need to successfully manage their chronic diseases.

Our Medical Assessment Program

To ensure a thorough and accurate medical assessment, our dedicated healthcare team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation. This assessment encompasses various aspects, including your medical history, diabetes history, current care plans, physical checkup, diet, and lab analysis.

Following the assessment, our team of specialists will meticulously review the collected data. Their objective is to identify any potential complications associated with diabetes, evaluate the effectiveness of your current diabetes management strategies, and assess your existing medical care plan. If necessary, they will make appropriate modifications to optimize your treatment.

Upon completion of the assessment and review process, you will receive a comprehensive medical report. This report will provide detailed insights into your health status and outline personalized recommendations. You may choose to share this report with your current doctor to ensure continuity of care. Alternatively, you have the option to continue receiving medical care from our experienced team. Rest assured that our healthcare professionals are committed to delivering exceptional care and supporting you on your journey towards optimal health.

Our Virtual Care Program

At Lotus Wellness and Health Management Program, we offer an optional service that focuses on continuous monitoring and coaching. Our team of nurses, who specialize in diabetes care, will provide ongoing support and guidance. Participants will have access to the Personal Health Management app and the patient education portal, which are integral components of our Virtual Diabetes Center System.

Through the Personal Health Management app, patients can conveniently track their health indicators and lifestyle parameters. This user-friendly platform enables seamless data collection and analysis. Our nurses will closely monitor the recorded information and provide personalized coaching based on individual needs.
The patient education portal serves as a valuable resource for participants. It offers comprehensive educational materials that cover various aspects of diabetes management. Patients can access this portal at any time to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the condition.

By incorporating continuous monitoring and coaching into our program, we aim to empower patients to take an active role in their diabetes management journey. This comprehensive approach fosters a deeper understanding of one's health status and facilitates informed decision-making. Please note that participation in this service is entirely optional but highly recommended for individuals seeking comprehensive support in managing their diabetes.

Our Wellness Program

Our wellness program offers a unique opportunity to prioritize your well-being and gain a deeper understanding of holistic wellness. By participating in this program, you will be empowered to apply this knowledge to your everyday life effectively.

Participants have the flexibility to enroll in one or multiple evidence-based activities that align with their personal goals and interests. These activities are designed to provide comprehensive support and foster overall well-being.

Participants can enroll in one or multiple of the following evidence-based activities:
  • Fitness, walking programs, and pool exercise
  • Yoga, latin dancing, walking, and golf
  • Cooking and shopping for healthy food

Our Team

Our team believes in a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. We seek to first understand your concerns and needs, and then present personalized care that is easy and practical to follow in your daily live. It consists of endocrinologist, cardiologist, nutritionists, coaches, and wellness instructors.

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